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We have been supplying fare collection systems for public transport for more than 30 years. You can find our solutions in more than 45 countries, more than 110 cities, including 23 capital cities.

We help transport companies create effective and customer-friendly transport systems. Automated, flexible, easy to integrate, and easy to operate systems.

our mission

„We create a world where transport brings people real freedom of movement, where new opportunities open up, and new services are at one's fingertips.“

Our solution

We supply not only individual devices, or our check-in system itself, but we are also able to comprehensively cover the supply of other related systems, such as ITS, AVL elements, passenger information systems, online environment, mobile applications, and others.


Our product portfolio covers all the types of transport with any method of check-in, and they are based on the customer’s needs and possibilities.


We provide our customers with a wide range of services related to the operation, administration, and development of check-in systems. From consultations on development, implementation, through training, continuous support, system maintenance, equipment service, and much more.

Solutions for different types of transport


Case studies of various projects from the area of fare collection systems.

  • Santiago de Chile - fare collection for buses

    20 years of the check-in system development. From automated cash payment through contactless cards up to bank EMV cards.

  • Lagos - fare management system for BRT

    Fare collection system with bank card and Mifare card payments in BRT buses.

  • La Paz - Unique system of city cableways

    Unique system of city cableways with turnstiles for access control and self service point of sale.

  • Guadalajara - BRT and feeding lines

    Automated on-board cash payment and access control system for BRT lines.

  • Kaunas

    Ticketing system for city buses, development of original architecture, EMV ready and forthcoming tariff policy.

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Martin Koubek


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