SAM modules production

Every SAM module is identified by its unique serial number. It is produced at a secure certified workplace with limited and controlled access in the premises of Mikroelektronika.

What is a SAM ?

A SAM is a hardware module made by a supplier of fare collection system that is used by contactless card readers (table-top readers, readers in fare collection devices etc.). The SAM contains a secure memory and supports a cryptographic function (encryption, counting electronic signatures, verifying electronic signatures etc.), which is used to increase the security of systems with contactless cards.

Mikroelektronika uses a certified platform according to Common Criteria EAL4+ (Java Card Open Platform) in accordance with the ISO 7816 standard.

Production at certified workplace

Each SAM is identified by a unique serial number. Its production is carried out on a secure certified workplace with restricted and controlled access on Mikroelektronika premises. Each SAM is uniquely personalised for the relevant customer and a unique set of access codes is generated for it. In addition to production, we can also arrange the unblocking of locked modules.

The systems we design use a whole range of extra security improvements that make the entire system more resistant to potential attacks.

Codes are diversified, meaning that each contactless card used in the system has its own unique code, calculated by the SAM. If a secret access code is cracked, only one card in the system is cracked, the other cards remain secure.

Moreover, the data stored on contactless cards is electronically signed and encrypted. The SAM uses standard cryptographic algorithms, MAC for signatures, 3DES and AES for encryption.