Fare collection systems

Solution for easy and convenient fare payment. By any means, including bank EMV cards, mobile devices, as well as cash or paper tickets. For any type of transport, including integrated transport systems.

Ticketing and Fare management systems

The fare collection system, or AFC or ticketing, includes the distribution of travel documents, their subsequent validation, and fare payment. It can be combined with access control based on turnstiles. An important component is the follow-up processing of obtained data, its evaluation, optimisation of connections, and interconnection with any related systems.

Our wide product portfolio allows us to create FC systems tailored to every customer, according to the type of transport, payment habits, tariff policy, and other numerous factors.

Travel documents and media

At present, the most popular way of check-in is direct payments using contactless EMV bank cards, mobile phone, or a bank sticker.

The other widespread validation method include paper tickets, which passengers purchase via ticket machines or distribution network and then stamp their ticket before driving.

The specialised chip cards with electronic wallet or with time coupon are still popular as well.

Recently, the check-in via 2D codes has been expanding as well. The most common methods include the barcode, Aztec, QR or Data Matrix. Their carrier can be paper ticket or mobile device display.

Some of Mikroelektronika’s validators enable validation via all the four means in one device.

Check-in equipment

The check-in equipment differs not only according to its medium used, but the type of transport as well. Validators are used for vehicle check-in. In case of driver check-in, on-board computers with passenger terminals are used. Stationary check-in devices, such as station validators or turnstiles, are used in railway transport or BRT.

Ticket vending machines or multifunction terminals are used to purchase paper tickets or electronic documents. These can be either stationary at bus stops or mobile in vehicles.


The specific check-in system design is always based on the customer's / operator's needs. There are a wide range of options, each offering different benefits. If you wish to learn which system would be most suitable for you, we will be happy to provide you with our non-binding consultation.