Company policy

Our company is the supplier of modern systems and services in transportation and industry. In principle we want to improve the services we provide to our customers. To meet this objective, which is a part of our vision and strategy, our system is based on six basic pillars:


The main principle of our company is to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction, which will be achieved by not only quality products and provided services, which comply with all legislative regulations, but also with effectively controlled supporting processes. We even take into account the unsaid wishes of our customers in the area of complex solutions of check-in and information systems in transportation and industry. Timeliness and helpfulness is an integral part of our business philosophy. Production efficiency is maintained by cost controlling.

Employee growth and leadership

Our employees are long-term motivated and they are lead to responsibility with knowledge and experience, which are systematically kept and further increased within the education system. Teamwork, environmental awareness and efficient communication is our standard. The company management expects active cooperation upon ensuring the environmental protection from the employees and safe workplaces are ensured by regular controls.


Technical and technological solutions

Our products are based on modern knowledge and technologies. Thanks to them we carry out custom-made development and production in electrotechnics and we provide quality services. By increasing the quality of development and production, arranging diagnostics and product testing and controlling the production environment, we minimize discrepancies. High utility value of products and services is our key advantage over the competition.


Suppliers and partners

Supplier-customer relationships are the most important element of our policy, which are based on the principle of partnership. Our suppliers have been carefully selected according to the set criteria focused on quality, relationship towards environment and labour safety. We prefer long-term reliable cooperation to the nonrecurring profit.


Systematic and precess approach

All processes inside our company are managed by the system. By using the project management, knowledge management and the institute of the internal customer, we optimize not only the flow of material and information, but also the activity of all other areas. We improve the effect on the environment by reducing waste and saving energy wherever possible. Approach based on facts is a must for us. By using this strategy, we realize the process of a steady improvement.


Stability and responsibility

We are aware of our shared responsibility for the region where we run our business, and we know that only a stable company can provide a long-term contribution for its surroundings. We oblige to fulfill requirements of valid regulations for environmental protection and to increase labour safety. For this purpose we regularly review separated financial and other sources.