Rapid bus transport has specific requirements for passenger check-in. We have developed a number of devices that are directly designed for this type of transport. We placed our emphasis on durability and check-in speed.

Bus rapid transport (BRT), sometimes called the Metropolitan Bus (Metrobus), bus or surface metro, is a system of rapid bus or trolleybus transport in urban areas. It features its short service intervals, large-capacity vehicles, and dedicated lanes or even special roads. It usually forms the backbone of public transport, like the metro. Its advantage rests in its high capacity and speed comparable to railway or metro, but with much lower construction requirements.

The transport space confinement and emphasis on rapid and mass check-in require the use of a specific check-in system. Mikroelektronika has its extensive experience with check-in systems for BRT. The requirements for the BRT needs are already taken into account during the development of check-in devices themselves or equipment specially designed for this type of transport is developed. The main difference from the underground is the fact that the stops are exposed to the weather. All the equipment, such as stationary validators, vending machines, turnstiles, and gates must be; therefore, resistant to rain, sun, dust, and frost. At the same time, emphasis is placed on more compact dimensions, compared to the rail transport.

The typical BRT fare collection devices are stationary validators, turnstiles, and multifunctional self-service terminals.