The EMV bank cards bring a new freedom of travel

We were among the firsts

Mikroelektronika was one of the very first companies in the world to introduce the payment of public transport fares using contactless payment cards, which have become known as EMV. We have been offering EMV card payments in our equipment since 2014.

We were the first company in continental Europe to supply a comprehensive ticketing system using EMV bank cards to pay for onboard fare payments.

The EMV-based open loop payment system brings a new freedom dimension to passenger handling. It is no longer necessary to buy a ticket before one’s ride, it is no longer necessary to have enough coins on you for the ticket machine. You do not need to have any special contactless card. You simply pay your fare directly in the vehicle with your bank card, mobile phone, or payment sticker. In any city in your country and abroad.

This check-in method is very popular with passengers. All the fare payment barriers are eliminated, and after the system implementation, there is often an increase in fare revenues and number of passengers.

Advatages for transport operators

Transport companies will no longer have to worry about dealing with their occasional passengers, distributing tickets, and they do not have to operate their own card system. Passengers boarding will accelerate, especially in intercity transport where check-in takes place at the driver's location.

The specific system design is based on the operator's request. It can be an online system operated in real time or offline system with its batch data transfers. The fare can be selected manually by the passenger, or the system selects the most advantageous fare based on the daily history of journeys.

If you wish to learn more about what our EMV check-in system can assist you with, contact our sales department, please.