Design and development

DEVelopment and Upgrade of your devices

Do you have an idea and are you unsure how to design the product? Do you lack sufficient development capacity? We are here for you.

We are not just a manufacturer of custom electronics. We develop, manufacture and above all operate our own products in the field of public transport systems. We are in contact with end users and therefore we can utilize years of experience. We will take care of the realisation of your idea, re-design or develop a completely new product tailored to your ideas.

We will design the architecture of the device, select suitable components and define both the mechanical construction and the overall design of the product.

We prepare and test prototypes, including software / firmware applications. We pay maximum attention to each order to meet a specific requirements in a given time and quality.
The key aspects of every development are:

  • Specification and analysis of assignments
  • Regular meetings
  • Evaluation of individual stages
  • Feedback