Passenger counting systems

Vehicle and line occupancy rates monitoring

Although certain data on the number of transported persons can be obtained using the check-in system, this information is, to some extent, inaccurate depending on the farecollection method method.

Detailed information on passenger movement

By supplementing the fare collection system with passenger counting means, the transport company will have its comprehensive, structured, and accurate data on how many passengers it has carried on which routes and between which stops.

It is possible to subsequently work with the obtained data, display and analyse it, using predefined functions, or it is possible to define your own evaluation parameters.

The counting itself is usually ensured via optical door sensors. The sensor detects whether the passenger is boarding or exiting, and the internal electronics calculate and gather vehicle occupancy data based on this information.

Thanks to its advanced intelligence, the technology works reliably even in less clear situations, such as the boarding of couples, movement of groups or the movements of people in the door area, freeing the way for others.

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