Quality control and testing

Automatic optical inspection AOI

The whole production undergoes automatic optical inspection 3D AOI with a side camera. The results are stored and can be analyzed afterwards. Production batches and each board is identified using 2D bar codes. The test lines include a repair workplace equipped with software for the identification of defective PCBs.

The machine detects mainly the following defects:

  • Component absence
  • Assembled wrong component at given position
  • Component shifting / slewing
  • Tombstone Shifted component (wrong polarity)
  • Short circuit Strange subject on PCB
  • Unknown object on PCB
  • Not soldered PIN of component
  • Lifted PIN of SMD component
  • Not well soldered PIN of PTH component
  • Different height of particular corners of BGA packages

Functional ICT tests

Testing of completely assembled PCBs verifies the values ​​of passive components and their permissible tolerances, short circuits and, above all, functionality. Testing is performed on contact pin plate.

Functional testing and simulation of the real environment guarantee reliability. We can design and manufacture our own functional testers or use testers from customers and manage them.

We have many years of experience and we routinely verify various communications, circuit switching, supply voltage ranges, HW and SW versions, FW recording within the test, the reliability of flash memory writing, various mechanical functions such as rotating elements, switching microswitches and much more.

X-ray inspection system

 We apply X-ray inspection to technically demanding production, where standard optical inspection (AOI) cannot be used. Furthermore, this system is also used in the so-called tuning of the temperature profiles of the SMT line in order to minimize the number of VOIDs in the soldered joints. Especially with components with hidden terminals (BGA, QFN,….).


  • Detection and analysis of the presence and size of VOIDs
  • Detection of unsoldered joints and cracks
  • Distance measurement function and custom annotation
  • Automatic inspection function
  • Automatic generation of reports with test results.

Climatic chamber

  • Temperature range: -40 + 180 °C
  • Humidity range: from 10% to 98%
  • We can define or adopt a temperature and humidity curve.

Thermal chamber

  • Suitable for testing oversized equipment
  • Temperature range: -30 + 60 °C
  • The temperature curve can be controlled by remote access via PLC

Schielded chamber for preparation of EMC tests

Every electrical equipment is a subject to electromagnetic compatibility tests. EMC measurements are done using a spectral analyser and special measuring antennae in a special shielded chamber. We carry out provisional electromagnetic radiation measurements and immediately check the influences of individual changes in PCBs on how the whole product behaves. This allows us to reduce the cost of product development and the costs associated with preparation for EMC tests.