Fleet management and AVL

Vehicles movement awareness

With the AVL system, you will have a perfect awareness of your vehicles movement. The system automatically monitors and evaluates all the required parameters. Vehicle route, speed of movement, timetable deviations, etc. In case of any deviations, the system will warn you, so that you can react to any non-standard situations.

Everything can be monitored both in real time, and driving performance can be retrospectively analysed and evaluated. The transport company thus obtains a useful tool for the checking on work activities, for statistical outputs or for resolving passenger requests or complaints

Links to other information systems

The automated vehicle location (AVL)  and fleet management are closely followed by the passenger information system (PIS). In addition to informing passengers in real time about departures, delays, stops, transfers, and other facts, the dispatcher can use the information system to communicate a wide range of other information to passengers and drivers. For example, transport changes during emergencies.