Custom made devices

Thanks to our own development and our own production technologies, we can adapt our equipment to the customer's needs, or develop a completely new custom equipment.

Product customisation

Although our product portfolio covers all the types of transport and virtually any check-in method, we are able to meet even very non-standard customer requirements during big projects. We commonly supply our products in custom colour, with their required printing, above-standard anti-vandalism protection, adapted to environmental conditions with integrated heating, protection against moisture, etc.

Custom equipment production

We can adapt standard equipment to the customer’s needs, or possibly develop a completely new custom device. The device may not even relate to public transport. We have extensive experiences in the development and production of electronic devices in the field of telecommunications, energy, laboratory equipment, automotive, defence, and much more. If you have a special requirement and wish to verify the possibilities of its implementation, contact our sales department of custom electronics, please.