Transport inspection

Easy and effective fare payment inspection

Transport inspection is mainly used to inspect the validity of one’s travel documents and fare payments. The system is designed to make the inspectors’ work as easy and effective as possible.

Vehicle inspection

Upon boarding a vehicle, the transport inspector worker reads, for example, from the validator all the information needed for his inspection of a given connection. At the same time, he can block the validators, so that passengers cannot check in afterwards.

Inspector’s reader

The inspector’s reader itself evaluates the validity of one’s travel document or checks whether one's bank card, 2D code or other medium has been validated. You can inspect any parameters, such as proof of one’s transaction via a given bank card, time coupon presence, time interval from validation, presence of a document purchased through one’s electronic wallet, valid zone, area, presence of a card on the blacklist, etc. If necessary, the reader can print any document, such as a fine payment receipt. Fines can be paid electronically as well.

All the information about the progress of inspections is stored in memory for its later processing. The operator thus has not only an overview of the inspected documents, but also of the inspector's activities themselves.