City mass transport – buses, trolleybuses and trams

The widest range of check-in facilities is used in city public transport. Passengers can check-in in vehicles on their own or with the driver’s assistance, or before their boarding at a stop or online.

The basic check-in devices are card validators using the passenger smart cards, bank card, or 2D code. If a cash payment is required, mobile ticket machines are used. Ticket stampers are used to validate paper tickets, which passengers buy in vending machines at stops.

Where driver-assisted check-in is required, or the passenger does not know how to handle self-service, or has no change, it is possible to pay one’s fare at the driver's location. With cash or credit card.

Ticket vending machines or multifunctional terminals are used for the sale of travel documents, which provide a wider range of pre-sale services.

It is also possible to use online tools, such as e-shops or mobile applications, to purchase travel documents.