Preparation of production


Part list which shows the position of the component, its value and type, for example: TK 100N / 50V 10% XR7 SMD 0805. If the PCB is mounted on both sides, it is good to add to each component side orientation (TOP - BOTTOM ).

Installation drawing of value and position.

In the drawings, the component housing must be clearly visible, its value or position. Its rotation, anode/cathode orientation, keys etc.

Data for the production of printed circuit boards

Customer should provide printed circuit board data in electronic form from any design system.

Data for planchet production for SMD technology.

Data for assembly machine

If you have the opportunity to send data from the design system, it will help us when preparing a program for the assembly machine and thus significantly speed up the production preparation process. This data can be supplied in any text file, please see Design Requirements.