Profile of Public transport division

Mikroelektronika in public transport

We help transport companies create effective and customer-friendly transport systems. Automated, flexible, easy to integrate, and easy to operate systems.

Our customers include both world capitals and small transport companies. The secret of our success lies in our ability to offer each of them a solution according to their needs and possibilities. We develop and manufacture all of our products in-house.We are used to non-standard requirements, and we can develop completely custom-made equipment.

We follow the trends in ticketing and implement new technologies into our solutions. We were at the birth of the first check-in systems of their kind. Whether it was the first contactless chip card systems, first systems for paying fare with bank cards directly in the vehicle or systems based on contactless bank EMV cards, which we have been offering since 2014, as the first company in continental Europe.

Currently, our product portfolio completely covers the needs of urban, suburban, and intercity transport companies. We offer solutions for any type of transport. For buses, trams, railways, metro, BRT (surface metro), ferries, cable cars, taxis, etc. We provide our comprehensive turnkey systems. Starting with our check-in system, through passenger information systems, transport control, automated passenger counting systems, AVL dispatching, monitoring, and other related systems, such as ERP or online services.

We try to see our products primarily from their operator’s and end-customer’s perspective, so that we can offer our practical and user-friendly solutions. We offer our customers a comprehensive care program and wide range of above-standard services.


You will find our systems and products in more than 40 countries of the world