Consultancy and training


We will advise you on the design of a new fare collection system or the development of your existing system. You know your own environment best and we have an all-round overview and many years of experience in building custom-made fare collection and ticketing systems. We will help you to find solutions for your needs now and in the future. Contact our commercial department without obligation.

  • Analysis of your existing system.
  • Analysis of the environment and needs of passengers.
  • The opportunity to develop your AFC system.
  • The design of new fare collection systems and consultation.


We provide specialised training in all parts of fare collection systems. Training encompasses theoretical interpretation, practical examples and practical exercises.
The trained client receives printed materials to concern the issue at hand. Please contact our service centre for more information.


  • Training in the operation and maintenance of equipment.
  • Training in the operation and maintenance of equipment.
  • Training for inspectors, dispatchers and POS staff.
  • Training for SW operators.
  • Training for SW administrators.