Guadalajara - Fare collection system for BRT and feeding lines

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    Jalisco, Mexico

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  • Project type

    AFC system and access control for BRT

    Project type

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

Fare collection system for main BRT lines and feeding lines with self-service payment in vehicles and access control at stations. Payment in cash and with contactless smartcards. The project includes various project in the region.

BRT lines were originally equipped with turnstiles of another supplier. As they became obsolete and tended to failures and original supplier became unreliable, the operator decided to upgrade the system with a new supplier. Mikroelektronika was able to equip existing turnstiles at stations with new electronics and interface (CVB). The operator could launch up-to-date fare collection system without need of complete exchange and without any adjustment of transport infrastructure.

The sale of transport documents and other POS services is provided with self-service multifunction terminals SVD.

Buses on feeding lines were equipped with compact ticket vending machines MS24 and with driver terminals OCT37. The terminals are used to control vending machines and ensure data transfer.

Project in numbers

Project in numbers

  • Launched in 2018
  • 519 mobile ticket vending machines
  • 538 driver terminals
  • 58 multifunction terminals
  • 188 card validators
  • 188 turnstiles