• Customer support

    Customer support

    A team of qualified experts is ready to handle your requirements for the development and operation of your check-in system.

  • Maintenance


    The trouble-free operation of our equipment is guaranteed by our service centre in cooperation with external certified services in the Czech Republic and abroad.

  • System administration

    System administration

    You can manage and develop your entire check-in system independently of the supplier, or you can leave your system management to us to varying degrees. It is up to you, which services you wish to provide yourself and which you do not wish to worry about.

  • SAM modules production

    SAM modules production

    Every SAM module is identified by its unique serial number. It is produced at a secure certified workplace with limited and controlled access in the premises of Mikroelektronika.

  • Implementation


    Implementing a new check-in system can be a rather complex task, but you do not have to worry about that. We will do it for you.

  • Consultancy and training

    Consultancy and training

    We will advise you on the design of a new fare collection system or the development of your existing system. You know your own environment best and we have an all-round overview and many years of experience in building custom-made fare collection and ticketing systems. We will help you to find solutions for your needs now and in the future. Contact our commercial department without obligation

  • Custom made devices

    Custom made devices

    Thanks to our own development and our own production technologies, we can adapt our equipment to the customer's needs, or develop a completely new custom equipment.