Company profile

Mikroelektronika was founded in 1991. Its origins, however, stretch back to the 1980s, when its predecessor, specialising in the development and production of vehicle electronics, launched operations in Vysoké Mýto.

Systems for public transport

At the beginning, work focused on the development and production of control and measuring electronics for the car industry, including taximeters. From here it was a short step to the company’s first ticket issuing device, which launched a production programme of fare collection and ticketing devices for public transport. Its innovative approach has made Mikroelektronika a leading European producer which plays an active part in shaping the future of public transport. Our devices serves to milion of passengers in more than 40 countries.

Custom-madde electronics

Alongside its fare collection systems, Mikroelektronika continued to develop and produce custom-made electronics for the automotive, energy and communication industries in the programme of electronic manufacturing services. Considerable experience in the development and production of fare collection devices and our strong technical and technological base allow us to continually develop our services in the sphere of custom-made electronics. We can offer comprehensive services - development, production, purchasing, logistics, production, testing and commissioning.

The dynamic growth of the company led to the construction of an entirely new production and administration complex in Vysoké Mýto in 2007. The complex is equipped with the most up-to-date technology for the development, testing and manufacture of electronics and provides work to more than 260 highly-qualified members of staff.