Classic PTH assembly

Selective soldering

Selective soldering is processed on powerful selective soldering machines ERSA versaflow 4/55, ECOSELECT 1 and Pillarhouse JADE MKII.

The line enables 100% debugging of the process and subsequent repeated production of a high quality. Other advantages are automated program optimization, program loading and also control of soldering parameters. Soldering in a protective nitrogen atmosphere is a matter of course.

Soldering wave

In addition to current selective soldering, we also use modules for traditional wave soldering.

Manual mounting and soldering

We dispose with capacity in the area of manual mounting and soldering, including related technological processes. As part of manual operations, we are also able to offer services related to component shaping, depanelization, re-work services and repairs. The hands and especially the experience of trained workers still presents irreplaceable part in the production of electronics.

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