City cards and other communication interfaces

In this context, we often talk about multifunctional city cards, which can be extended in addition to transport, by payment, communication, reservation, and identification functions in city institutions, sports facilities, schools, libraries, catering facilities, hospitals, etc. City residents or visitors can comfortably use all the offered services with their single card. In addition, the entire system is built, so that it can be further developed and expanded, not only in the field of public services but in the commercial sector as well.

It is possible to create automated links to the information systems (enterprise resource planning so-called ERP) of the participating entities, so that there will be a natural integration into the organisation's information and administrative structures.

The check-in system is intertwined with the banking sector, where cards are not only used for direct payment of fares but for recharging travel documents in multifunctional terminals or via the Internet as well.

The entire connectivity system is completed by a link to the online environment, which offers almost unlimited possibilities for the development of other services. Online services, e-shop or useful mobile applications are the most common of them.