System administration and development

You can manage and develop your entire check-in system independently of the supplier, or you can leave your system management to us to varying degrees. It is up to you, which services you wish to provide yourself and which you do not wish to worry about.

Remote administration

Our systems can be found all over the world. This places considerable demands on their administration in the case of classic tools. That is why we specialise in remote support for and monitoring of the systems we supply. This allows us to save on costs and increase the operativeness of the system.

Monitoring systems

Monitoring the status of a system and evaluating logs, incidents and alarms allows possible defects to be resolved or entirely avoided. We will advise you on how to monitor the system or provide you with these services to whatever extent.

Preventative inspections

Preventative inspections are designed to check the condition of the systems under operation, with emphasis on discovering potential problems.

Software development and maintenance

Further development of the software used by existing customers makes sure that it is always able to work with the ever-changing HW and SW computer environment.

The preparation and evaluation of data

We will help you with or we will do for you the complete preparation of data for all devices in the fare collection system. We can analyse your operating data and prepare the required statistical output and reports for you. We then use the data obtained to propose further steps for the development and optimisation of the fare collection system.

The management of codes for applications and devices

We provide services associated with the administration and maintenance of the encryption codes that ensure the security system. Our company’s applications use codes to ensure secure communication with other peripherals. We manage these application codes for our customers and are also able to provide this service to other interested parties.

Card management

We can produce and dminister clients’ cards in the form of distributed application. Our services can also be used by customers that do not administer cards themselves. We also ensure the production of contactless cards with the option of storing user data on the card's chip. Cards can be supplied with surface printing. We specialise in the following standards: MIFARE, MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE DESFire EV1 and MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE DESFire, MIFARE DESFire EV1 a MIFARE Ultralight.