EMS quality system

Extensive testing options

The basic level of electronics production meets the requirements of IPC 610, class 2. In terms of design, we are also able to introduce production with a higher class. The production of electronics takes place in modern EPA premises.

100% of production goes through testing on automatic optical inspection (AOI).

If required by the customer, we test with the In-circuit test (ICT) on Reinhardt testers.

Production is verified on X-ray using complex components such as QFN, BGA, etc.


We are able to set a production process with the level of traceability requred by customer.

  • Batch traceability - components and other material are issued for batch, during production everything is paired with the production guide
  • Full traceability - Each product serial number is assigned with batches of components and materials included. Personal numbers of operators, numbers of machines, programs, etc. are loaded.

The materials we purchase are in accordance with REACH and ROHS.