Intercity transport mainly uses fare payment at the driver, which can be assisted or self-service, and the driver performs only his visual inspection.

Upon boarding, passengers place their prepaid travel documents onto devices, or the driver sets the required destination station and fare. Subsequently, the fare will be paid in cash or by credit card in the check-in device. Often, the check-in is divided into the driver's terminal and passenger's terminal. In case of any minimum dimensions requirements, the device can be compact of the all-in-one type.

Fareboxes are used in case of a request for automated fare cash payment. The tariff is again selected by the driver, but if necessary, it can also be selected by the passenger on a touch screen. Upon depositing the appropriate amount, a ticket is printed out. If the device is to allow not only payment by coins, but also banknotes, and payment card, compact mobile vending machines are used.