Laboratory equipment

Electronics for lab equipment

We specialize in the production of demanding electronics and electro-mechanical assemblies with an emphasis on ensuring high quality, accuracy and reliability. These specializations meet the demanding requirements for the production of electronic sets for laboratory technology.

Gained experience allows us to produce electronic sets for laboratory technology used around the world and in various fields.

In this area we provide:

  • Complete purchase of materials (from the most common to very specific)
  • High reliability and accuracy of production
  • We monitor the product life cycle (Lifecycle management) incl. related changes (PCN)
  • Preparing tests and trials according to requirements and standards
  • Assembly and completion of electromechanical sets
  • Performing high voltage tests
  • Meeting strict requirements on cleanliness
  • We are able to provide product certification (eg CSA, UL, etc.)
  • During the whole production process we place emphasis on the high quality of visible parts