Types of transport

  • City mass transit – buses, trolleybuses and trams

    City mass transit – buses, trolleybuses and trams

    The widest range of check-in facilities is used in city public transport. Passengers can check in in vehicles on their own or with the driver’s assistance, or before their boarding at a stop or online.

  • Intercity transport

    Intercity transport

    Intercity transport mainly uses the driver's location check-in, which can be assisted or self-service, and the driver performs only his visual inspection.

  • Railways


    Rail transport is so variable that the range of suitable check-in devices is very diverse. A regional line leading through a low population density area features requirements different from city and suburban railways replacing a metro.

  • BRT


    Rapid bus transport has specific requirements for passenger check-in. We have developed a number of devices that are directly designed for this type of transport. We placed our emphasis on durability and check-in speed.

  • Metro


    The metro transport system is designed to transport a large number of passengers on the urban transport backbone lines. The metro check-in system must; therefore, provide enormous passenger throughput, which is often random.

  • Cableways


    Cable railways are transport means suitable for mountainous agglomerations or cities where it is no longer possible to build other surface roads. Their check-in method differs from the standard transport means methods.