Transport inspection devices

Transport inspection devices

Transport inspection devices

Transport inspection devices. Handheld reading devices, docking stations, portable printers etc.

Transport inspection systems are used to check the validity of contactless chip cards, paper tickets or other media. These include reading devices for inspectors, docking stations and transport inspection work stations. A transport inspection work station is used for the preparation and recording of input data (tariffs, black lists etc.) and the reading of output data (data about inspections done) from inspector readers to be further processed (the creation and printing of statistics).

Reading devices for inspectors

  • Compact size and low weight do not restrict the inspector in doing his/her work.
  • Devices are clearly arranged for routine transport inspection to be as simple as possible.
  • They offer audio and visual signalling during inspections.
  • Coloured, touch-screens with graphical interface fully adapted for comfortable operation. All functions can be operated by simply touching the large coloured icons.
  • The capacity of the battery and the spare battery in the basic set allows uninterupted work throughout his/her shift.
  • Devices are resistant to physical damage.
  • An inspector reader can be be equipped with an integrated or external portable printer to print out paper documents.

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