New MVC42 ticket vending machine with storage space

23. 01. 2024

Occasionally there is a request for non-standard equipment of a ticket vending machine. A holder for a drink or for a shopping bag is one of the simplest ones. Based on a customer's request, Mikroelektronika has now designed the MVC42 mobile TVM, whose unique feature is, among other things, a space for placing a defibrillator behind a lockable door.

The defibrillator is placed behind a glass door allowing visual inspection of the presence of the AED. The door is secured by an electronic lock. Driver can open the door remotely after being contacted by passenger via onboard communication unit. The door can also be openned manually by pulling security handle or by entering a service code in the TVM.

If a cardiac arrest occurs, the chance of survival decreases by up to 10% with each passing minute. The percentage of deaths is still high and a large proportion of patients face permanent consequences. The presence of a defibrillator in public transport vehicles should help change this.