Vega - the new generation of card validators

12.02.2014 15:00

New validators of Vega family replace preceeding successful and time-tested Camel family. Compared with previous generation they bring better ergonomy, higher hardware variability and wider functionality. A matter of course is comfortable, fast and secure validation in any tariff system.

Three basic versions cover all needs of any fare collection system. Basic validator CVB, combined validator with paper ticket validation CVT and a validator with ticket print CVP. All versions will be using our own combined card reader of contactless cards (MIFARE + EMV contactless).

The EMV contactless solution has been in development since 2012. The first project involving new EMV validators will be a supply to Russian subway. It is not only the first installation of contactless EMV card validators in the region but it is one of the first projects worldwide.

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