Now you can get from Prague to Rakovník with just a „beep“

07.10.2016 16:22

Passengers travelling from Prague to Rakovník with Anexia operator can now pay the fare with contactless bank card. It is the first application of this means of payment in the whole Central Bohemia integrated transport system. Beside the card the payment can be done also with payment sticker or a cellphone with NFC technology.

“We see it as an increase of comfort not only for passengers but it significantly eases work of our drivers”, says Pavel Kopřiva, director of Anexia. The system is prepared for all means of payment including Mifare cards or so called variable fare. That is an advanced system, which independently and retroactively calculates best tariff available according to travelled journeys. Such system has been launched in Ostrava few months ago and supplied also by Mikroelektronika.

According to the latest survey of bank institutions, public transport is one of the field where contactless payment provides most benefits for customers and where is the biggest demand for it. It is comfortable, simple, fast and you don’t have to deal with coins or change.








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