Highlights from Czech Raildays 2015

22.06.2015 18:17

Highlights from Czech Raildays 2015

Most visitors were attracted to our new card validators Vega accepting contactless bank cards (EMV). Although it is not a brand new product, it could have been seen a year ago at this event, now it is being installed in Liberec, Pilsen, Brno, Ostrava and other main cities. That makes the validators much more interesting for other operators and public. Other interesting products were modernized ticket vending machine AVJG and new multifunction terminal SmartPoint SVS2.

Our devices could have been seen not only at our stand. Our EMV validators were presented in trolleybuses of Ostrava transport operator. The same operator also showed a portable version of our stationary ticket vending machine AVJG, which does not require any fixed installation and uses accumulators. These TMVs were used during the World Icehockey championship in in Ostrava to handle large crowds of fans. They are suitable for events requiring temporary installation or at places with no reach of electricity.

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