PCBA cleaning & coating

Cleaning machine InJet 676-CRD-H

  • A single-chamber spray-in-air vertical cleaning machine made by CT Czech with fully automated processes of the cleaning, rinse and drying. Removes flux residues after soldering from PCBs and flux and other residues from solder frames (wave soldering), filters (reflow oven) and stencils (stencil printer).
  • Fully automated processes of the cleaning, rinse (two levels of intensity) and drying with a high power air compressor.
  • Using water-based cleaning fluid Decotron 355S.
  • Better cleaning results than with solvent cleaning fluids, with the dvantages of the water based.

PCB coating

  • We provide dispense coating of PCBs by automated technology (larger series) or manually (small series).
  • Curing of coating is carried out in infrared oven.
  • For better optical inspection under UV light we use coatings with reflective surface.



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