Card validator Camel CVG

The Camel CVG is dedicated for fare collection systems based on contactless cards. Compared to standard Camel validator the CVG version offers integrated wireless data transfer module.


  • Camel CVG validator is designed to take up as little space as possible and to meet the strict ergonomic requirements for mass transit devices.
  • Depending on a HW version the device can be operated via  touchscreen or touch keys, with up to 15 active fields or supplied with a display without touchscreen feature.
  • high-performance processor and sufficient  memory, provide a high security and rapid response to every transaction.
  • Transactions are approved by two back-lit symbols and by an audible sound.
  • The validator can be supplied with various types of displays.
  • Optional audio module enables using mp3, wav and other formats of audio files.
  • The optional SAM interface, GPS module or data transfer module gives the validator ideal features to work in modern integrated transport systems.
  • Other accessories and additional devices can be offered to meet the customer's individual requirements.

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