AVL and dispatching

Automatic vehicle location (AVL) and dispatching are instruments for the operative management of a transport system. Even a well-designed and optimised system must be continuously managed and adjusted to suit the current situation. What is more, AVL is an essential requirement for the proper functioning of a real time passenger information system.

With our system, you will have a perfect overview of vehicle movement. Our system automatically monitors and evaluates all the required parameters: route, speed, deviations from the timetable and so on. If there are any deviations, the system will inform you so that you can respond to any extraordinary situation.

Everything can be monitored in real time or retrospectively analysed and evaluated. Carriers thus have at their disposal a useful tool to to inspect work of drivers, for statistical output or for dealing with requirements or claims of passengers.

Passenger Information Systems (PIS) are closely linked to AVL and dispatching. Passengers are informed in real time of departures, delays, stops, transfers and other facts and situations and a dispatcher can provide a whole range of other information to passengers and drivers using the information system. About route changes, for example, changes in mode of transport as a result of various events, happenings or extraordinary situations.

AVL a dispečink

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