Passenger counting APC

Automated passenger counting (APC) is an essential element in monitoring the workload and occupancy of vehicles. This allows carriers to better plan connections, use their resources more effectively and thus reduce running costs. Although certain information about the number of passengers carried can be provided by fare collection system, this information is inaccurate to some degree or another depending on the method of fare collection. Passenger counting systems provide carriers with structured and accurate data on how many passengers used which services and where they travel to and from.

The data obtained can then be processed, displayed and analysed using pre-defined functions. It is also possible to define special parameters for evaluation.
Actual counting is usually done using optical sensors placed by the doors. The sensor recognises whether a passenger is getting on or off and internal electronics do the calculations and gather data about occupancy of the vehicle. Advanced intelligence ensures reliable data even in situations that are not so clear, such as two people getting on at the same time, group movement and people moving within the door area to free up space for others.

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