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    Fare collection system for city buses

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Kaunas has always been a technological pioneer in Lithuania. The city introduced its public transport system a hundred years ago. In 2012 Kaunas abolished the use of paper tickets and launched contactless card system, while other cities were still stamping paper tickets.

Kaunas pays special attention to public transport. Recently it has put 181 new buses into operation, partly in hybrid version and 85 trolleybuses.

For the convenience of passengers, it has launched the "Žiogas" application, which allows you to pay fares easily and quickly using a cell phone.

In 2021 Mikroelektronika supplied 1000 pcs of CVB validators which are placed at each door in all vehicles. The system is ready for EMV payments.

Unusual feature is the fact that new validators work with original data, applications and cards. This enabled completely seamless transition to the new ticketing system. Passengers can buy new cards not only at pre-sale points, but also at newsstands.

The tariff policy takes into consideration passengers needs and is very forthcoming. Even if you pay for individual rides, you will never spend more than a monthly ticket costs. Once you spend the value of monthly ticket, you have all other rides in that month free of charge.

Video summarizing the evolution of ticketing system in Kaunas. Please set subltitles on with english translation.

Project in numbers

Project in numbers

  • 2021 system launch
  • 1000 card validators
  • 350+ vehicles