Planning of lines, timetables, connections and resources allocation

The operating data obtained from AFC and other systems provides valuable information for the creation or optimisation of timetables and transport services. Two fundamental objectives must be taken into consideration when planning:  to adapt the transport system to the needs of passengers and to reduce running costs, with consideration for technical limits and employee capability. These objectives are often contrary to each other and looking for the ideal solution is not an easy task. That is why it is good to have suitable tools available that will take care of optimisation for you and that are at the same time sufficiently flexible to allow the process to be adjusted by hand and specific requirements to be taken into consideration. The opportunity to connect to your existing devices or to import data also increases flexibility.

Planning timetables, transport services, connections, runs etc. will no longer be a nightmare for you with an uncertain outcome, but a routine activity that brings instant results in the form of better transport services and connection at the minimum running cost. Please contact our commercial department for more information.