Vehicle electronics

Vehicle supply protector VSP01

Vehicle supply protector protects onboard devices against voltage fluctuation and eliminates damages. It balances short time overvoltages and switches other devices off in case of longer overvoltage. As soon as the vehicle power supply returns back to normal devices are switched on again. The protector also records history of voltage fluctuation.

Electronic vehicle relay ZR

  • The relay provides additional functions, so that it can be used as time relay, relay with delayed switch, speed switcher and other.
  • Semiconductor switching elements offer a superior durability and multiply higher short term overcharge capacity in comparison with classic contacts.
  • The relay is able to process more input signals at once, including continually changing signals (analog).
  • Ability to switch two outputs.
  • Optical indication of inputs/outputs status and funcitons provides easy troubleshooting.
  • Compact dimensions significantly minimalize occupied space.
  • Ability to integrate more functions in a single device means time and labour savings during mounting and reduction of mounting materials.

Speed relay BRR 24.30

The relay monitors vehicle speed and switches when the speed exceeds pre-set limit. It is used e.g. to block head-light washers during a slow speed when the head-lights are insufficiently cooled. The speed relay can be delivered in various speed switching, constants and voltage rating.

Wiper speed switcher with memory CSN 12, CSP 12, CSN 24, CSP 24

The device replaces an original switcher. It is operated via a single wiper gear. After first switch-on the delay is set to a maximum delay. Requested delay duration can be set by switch-off and following switch-on. The switcher will then keep this delay. After a switch-off the switcher is gradually set to a maximum delay. When switched-on from a permanent wiping the duration is set to a minimum delay. Driver’s concentration is thus not disturbed by delay setting.

Electronic thermal regulator EOT 24 A

The device regulates a temperature in vehicles equipped warm-water heating controlled by servo-valve, runned by synchronized propel units SMR 300 - 300 . The regulator can be used in other applications as well. The switcher of the regulator offers three positions: 1) opening the valve (to endstop), 2) still position, 3) closing the valve (to endstop). The electronic controller switches one of the two outputs of the regulator depending on  the switcher pre-set.

Electronic thermal regulator ERT 24A

The device regulates a temperature in vehicles equipped warm-water heating controlled by servo-valve, runned by synchronized propel units SMR 300 - 300 and the temperature is measured by a termistor NRZ-1001-3k/E1. The regulator can be used in other applications as well. The temperature is set with temperature switcher in five levels: 1) valve closed, 2) 20° C 3) 30° C 4) 40° C 5) valve opened. Electronic regulator monitors the temperature by a sensor and dependign on the switcher pre-set switches one of the two regulator outputs.

Liquid level monitor HM 24, HM 24R

The device can be used in all vehicles with supply voltage of 24 V, to avoid a lack of cooling or any other electrically conductive liquid. The monitor checks the liquid level with a sensor placed in a liquid container. When a liquid level drops under the sensor, the monitor indicates this situation with a blinking indicator light.

Washer relay OSR 12, OSR 24, OSR 24.08

The electronic time relay is mainly used for switching of head-light washer electromotor. Control part, switching element and conectors are encased in a plastic box (optionally with a holder). After powering of the connector no. 86, the electronics checks if the headlights are turned on(it means voltage on the connector no. 87a). If so, the relay starts the pumping device.This realy is compatible with HELLA time relay.

Glow regulator RZ 1260 C

The device is used for control of rod glow plugs in compression ignition engines. Functions: 1) when a switch-box is turned on, the regulator starts glowing and turns on an indicator light on the instrument board. 2) After preheating the indicator light runs off, thus indicating readiness to start 3) When the engine starts, a constatnt final heating runs - approx. 3 min. ( when Up > 15 V, final heating 0 sec. ), thus decreasing exhaust fumes. The glowing duration depends on a surrounding temperature and vehicle electric system voltage.

Timer ZR 24 S, ZR 24 S5,ZR 24 V

Time electronic relays - timers - are used for time control of various aggegates and devices, mainly in automotive industry. The timer consists of switch-on, switch-off or re-switch relay and control electronics. All parts are encased in plastic box (optionally with a holder). When connectors no. 85 and no. 86 are powered, realy ratchet is pulled. If control power is permanently connected, the relay drops off after a pre-set time. If control power is disconnected before reaching the pre-set time, the ratchet drops off simultaneously with the power disconnection. Timers can be supplied for various kinds of delays and conection types.

Safety fuse case DP  01

Safety fuse case is used for mechanical installation of the fuse and for connection of conductors. The case is made of plastic with a removable lid. The fuse is fixed with two male screw M5. Case fixing is provided by slots of 4,5 mm in diameter.


Safety fuse P80A

The DP 01 holder uses P 80A tape fuses for nominal amperage 80 A. It is possible to suplly fuses for any amperage in the range from 30 to 150 A.

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