Turnstile with swing doors - TSS

The range of stationary turnstiles TS is a backbone of all fare collection system where access control is involved. This means metro, city trains or BRT (bus rapid transport). Its diversity provides suitable solution for any kind of transport system covering all common types of ticketing media. Reliability and swiftness are the key factors determining the whole product range.

  • Turnstiles are available in three basic modifications. TST Tripod with rotating bars, TSF Flap with sliding wings and TSS Swing with opening gates. The Flap and Swing version is suitable also for disabled passengers or oversize luggage.
  • Turnstiles can be placed solitary or in a row, one-way right-sided or left-sided or bidirectional. One row can incorporate more types of turnstiles.
  • The chassis is made of robust stainless steel. The door can be made according to the clients requirements.
  • Lockable doors offer comfortable access for servicing purposes.
  • The turnstile can be equipped with contactless card reader supporting Mifare standards, NFC and contactless bank cards EMV. If required the turnstile can accommodate 2D code reader working with barcodes, QR codes or other types.
  • The turnstile is ready to accept tokens. False objects inserted into the slot will be expelled through a dispensing tray, which can be equipped with detection of left tokens.
  • Clear display is protected by resistant security glass.
  • The fare collection process is easy thanks to colour illumination of readers, pictograms and other elements. The manner of illumination is customizable.
  • The device can be promptly switched into an emergency mode with fully opened passage. If automatic switching fails, the turnstile can be opened with force without damage. If required the turnstile can be equipped with an emergency button under a breakable glass.
  • The set of IR tailgating sensors can precisely identify passing passengers. Thus can eliminate unauthorized passage or enable multiple passage. The allowed gap between passengers can be configured.
  • The data can be transferred automatically via LAN or GSM network or collected via USB.
  • Backup battery ensures subsequent operation in case of power supply failure.
Turnstile with opening doors



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