Software for AFC system management - FareOn Cloud

Dostupné řešení pro každého

FareOn Cloud is a cloud version of FareOn application used to to manage your AFC system. Functions of both versions are identical, but FareOn Cloud brings following advantages.

  • The FareOn cloud application allows the IT infrastructure to be moved to varying extents to an internet environment. Various distribution models allow for partial or full cloud solutions.
  • FareOn Cloud saves your  investment costs because there is no need to create and run your own HW and SW.
  • Thanks to cloud technology the system is highly flexible.
  • Access via a web interface from anywhere with no need for installation.
  • We provide customers with our own infrastructure with high-speed data transfer, maximum guaranteed accessibility and high security.
  • Flexible use of resources on Pay-as-you-go principle. You pay only for used functions.

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