Prototypes and samples

We produce prototype batches on the fully-automatic machinery that is used in standard batch production. The alternatives are to produce prototypes with a combination of machine and manual assembling or completely manual assembling.

Deliveries of prototypes come with an output report ("Prototype PCB Cover Letter") (or DFM analysis), in which we provide you feedback with the aim of increasing the quality of the parts produced. If there are heightened demands for feedback, we provide what is known as a Build Report on the parts made, in which we tell you about the other details of the production process.

We take material from trusted supply channels. Particularly high demands on quality, price and terms of delivery are placed on suppliers of custom-made parts (PCBs, mechanical parts, cable bundles). The option of combining deliveries of provided materials is a matter of course.

Production on fully-automated machinery

  • The high quality and precision of mounting.
  • Samples are made in the same quality as normal batch production.
  • Simple transfer to batch production.
  • Recommended for PCB with higher density and larger prototype series (10 pieces and over).

A combination of machine and hand production

  • Saves money on your development costs.
  • Recommended for development prototypes of up to 5 pieces with lower density.
  • The production of prototypes comes close to the quality of standard batch production.
  • A laser-crafted template is used to apply pastes and SMD components are mounted by hand.

Hand mounting of prototypes

  • Reduces your cost of putting into production to a minimum.
  • Recommended for prototype batches of up to 5 pieces and with lower density.
  • The hand mounting and soldering of components.

Prototypes delivery terms:

Standard deadline:    4 weeks
Shortened deadline:  3 weeks
Express deadline:     1-2 weeks
Shorter deadline:       subject to agreement

Packaging and transport

Unless requested otherwise, the parts we make are packed in anti-static bubble wrap (or an antistatic bag), placed in cardboard boxes and handed over to a carrier for delivery. We use a contracted carrier for delivery within the Czech Republic and next-day delivery. The services of courier carriers are used for piece consignments for foreign orders.

Výroba prototypů a vzorků

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