Preparation of production

Our experienced team takes care of the full preparation of production. We will design technologically and economically expedient solutions with your cooperation. During the preparation process, we take into consideration all circumstances and requirements that could have an influence on production.

We try to make this stage as easy as possible. We think and plan on your behalf to the tiniest of details so that we are able to avoid any complications and make sure the production process goes smoothly.

Technická příprava výroby

Production documentation

Bill of material

  • For example component list or part list with the specification of component position, value, type and package (e.g. TK 100N/50V 10% XR7 SMD 0805 TOP).
  • Note: In case of double-sided PCB assembly, it is required to add also information about component side position (e.g. TOP | BOTTOM).

PCB layout assembly

  • Each side (Top/Bottom) having information about component value and position (e.g. *.pdf, *.jpeg format).
  • From the layout should be recognizable following details: component package, value, position, orientation, marking ( e.g. anode/cathode), other keys necessary for component orientation.
  • Data for assembly (pick & place) device having at least following details: Reference, X/Y coordinates, shift, value, package size, orientation (example: C118 110,81 160,34 90 100N 0805 TOP).
  • PCB data, e.g. Gerber data - see Construction requirements.

Accompanying documentation

Accompanying documentation for product production if any, e.g. mounting requirements, cable specification, packing specification, etc.

Specific requirements for technology processes (e.g. lead-free soldering required, critical component, maximum temperature, etc.). Technology may be suggested by Mikroelektronika if not specified otherwise.

Material policy:

Material may be provided either by Mikroelektronika or the customer (depends on customer´s policy). The customer may provide also only specific components (e.g. critical components with long lead time) and the rest of material may be provided by Mikroelektronika. Various combination of supplying material is possible.

It is also important to clearly specify what material will be arranged by the customer and what should be arranged by Mikroelektronika company.

We are looking forward for tight co-operation with the focus for providing professional and high quality services. We are willing to help you in case of having any questions.


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