Passenger information systems

Information systems for passengers include a whole range of visual and acoustic information devices of various sizes and executions that are placed in vehicles or in stations or waiting rooms. They can be supplemented with information systems for the blind and the handicapped.

Vehicle information systems

  • External LED and DOT-LED information panels to show lines, final stations etc.
  • Internal LED and DOT-LED information panels to show lines, final stations, the next stop etc.
  • Internal displays to show more detailed information, notices or advertisements.
  • Time and zone displaying unit, for example GTC24F.
  • Loudspeakers to announce stops and provide other information.

Station information systems

  • Panels and displays at stops and stations.
  • Information boards to display departure and arrivals at stations.
  • Information kiosks.

Info systems for the blind and the handicapped

These involve a set of portable, mobile and stationary devices that are used to provide acoustic and voice information and easier orientation for the blind. They inform the driver that they are carrying passengers requiring of greater attention. The blind person can use a pocket transmitter to request required acoustic information.


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