Grant projects

Mikroelektronika has participated or is participating on the following grant programmes

Projects: OPPI 2.2 ITP02/034, 2.2 ITP02/135 ICT in companies
Target: The aim of the project is to create complex information system of Mikroelektronika company.

Project: OPPI 4.1 IN02/048 Innovations – Innovative project
Target: The project is focused on innovations in the field of technology and development of the new fare collection device.

Project: CZ.04.1.03 Operational program Development of human resources
Target: The aim is to reach higher qualification and level of employees. Also to reach higher ability of adaptability to market conditions and higher competitive advantages within specified branch.

Project: CZ.1.04 OP Human resources and employment
Target: The aim is to increase professional knowledge, skills, competitions and thus increase competitive advantages not only within the Czech Republic but also EU.

Projects: OPPP 2.1 M/166, OPPP 2.1 M/507, OPPI 6.2 M01/368, OPPI 6.2 M02/079   Marketing
Target: Creation of foreign language promotion materials and other activities regarding expansion to foreign markets.

Project: 4.2 PT02/270 Potential
Target: Enhancement and equipment of company development centre. Purchase and installation of specialized furniture, workstations, server, airconditioning, antistatic floors, SW for documentation management, testing workstations etc.

Project: TA02030435 Technical support and methods for interoperability verification of AFC and INFO systems in public transport.
Target: Setting up a workstation for verification of vehicle AFC and INFO equipment. Project supported by TAČR.

Project: Exhibitions 2019 (CZ.01.2.111/0.0/0.0/16_047/0007541) within Operational Programme Entreprise and Innovations for Competitiveness 
Date: 16.11.2016 - 30.9.2019
Target: Increase the share of export to foreign markets with help of supporting partictipation in fairs and exhibtions abroad.


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