Research & development

The history of the company stretches back more than 20 years and we are able to draw on outstanding technical and personnel facilities. Our development department numbers more than 60 highly-qualified experts. Due to the fact that we fully develop, produce and put into operation a range of fare collection devices, from sophisticated on-board computers to sturdy multi-purpose automatic machines, we are also able to employ our experience and all-round possibilities in the development of your electronics.

HW, SW and mechanical parts

If you need someone to develop single parts, functional units or complete products, we are here for you. Whether you have a precise concept or just an idea. We will design PCBs and internal architecture, select suitable components and design mechanical parts and an overall appearance. We will also prepare and test prototypes and create software, from basic firmware to more complex applications. We will modernise your existing products so that they are up to date with current trends. During the development process, we place considerable emphasis on making sure that a product can be used for batch production to the optimum extent.

PCB redesign for SMT technology

Using the new SMT technology for electronics manufacturing not only brings the highest possible quality but also cost saving. Through the redesign of classically assembled PCBs, we help our customers to utilize all the advantages of modern technology. As we know how important is to follow these trends and stay ahead of your competitors.

Consultation services

For development and technology engineers we provide consultancy services to make the production cycle more effective and high-quality. We are ready to give you advice on how to design a PCB for reflow-soldering, wave soldering and other methods.

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