Customer support

Our team of qualified experts is on hand to deal with any requirements and thus ensure the everyday, problem-free running of the systems supplied by Mikroelektronika. Our primary objective is to provide customers with quality after-sales care and to centralise and clarify the solutions to individual requirements.

After-sales services provided on contractual relations:

  • HelpDesk HelpDesk is a communication portal as part of which a uniform flow of requests and reports is provided.
  • HotLine – reporting urgent and serious problems in the operation of information systems by telephone – breakdown, serious error etc.
  • Software development (maintenance) – this service provides existing customers with further development of the software used to make sure that it is always able to work in the ever-changing HW and SW computer environment.
  • Preventative inspections - designed to check the condition of the systems under operation, with emphasis on discovering potential problems.
  • Consultation, advice and expert activity – the provision of activities and work whose undertaking requires the use of long-term experience and knowledge of the field.
  • Training - the provision of training (and repeated training) in relation to Mikroelektronika products.
  • Other services in which the customer expresses an interest.
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