Connected systems

Modern fare collection  systems, particularly those based on chip cards, no longer focus solely on public transport, instead having become municipal systems that far outstretch the boundaries of public transport.

It is in these terms that we often refer to “city cards”. They are able to provide payment, communication, booking and identification functions at municipal institutions, sports facilities, schools, libraries, restaurant/canteen facilities, hospitals and so on. Residents or visitors can comfortably use all the services using a single card. Moreover, the whole system enables development and expansion not only in the area of public services but also in the commercial sector.

Automatic links to the information systems of the organisations (so-called ERP systems) can be created, leading to natural incorporation in the information and administrative structures of the organisation.

The trend in recent years has been for interconnection with the banking sector, bank cards can be used in fare collection on the one hand and fare documents can be topped-up at ATMs or over the Internet on the other.

The whole system of connectivity can be completed with linkage to the Internet environment, which offers almost unlimited possibilities for the development of other services, the most common being topping up fare documents, e-shops or useful mobile applications.

Návazné systémy

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