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Mikroelektronika was founded in 1991. To begin with, the company mainly focused on the production of electronics for the car industry and automated fare collection systems, fast becoming a leading company in the field. You will now find our systems in almost 40 countries. This is our competitive advantage. Considerable experience in the development and production of fare collection devices and our strong technological base allow us to continually develop our services in the sphere of custom-made electronics. We can offer not only the complete development and production of printed circuit boards but also complete products, including mechanical parts and software. All you need to provide is an idea or wish and we will do the rest.

We specialise in sophisticated electronics for demanding and highly-important operations, in which the emphasis is placed on one-hundred per cent reliability and resistance, even in extreme conditions. It is for this reason that we offer selective soldering in a protected nitrogenous atmosphere alongside regular production technology. At the same time we try to make sure that all technology is as considerate to the environment as possible. We were, in fact, one of the first to introduce environmentally-friendly lead-free soldering.

Strict principles are observed in production areas with a higher level of cleanliness for work with electrostatically sensitive components requiring of the use of special anti-static aids and clothing. All products are tested at a number of levels, either visually or using a 3D X-ray, and functionally in simulated climatic conditions.

Our scope of activity is extremely varied and so we can now supply custom-made electronics for buses, energetic electronics, data transmission equipment, medical technology, laboratory electronics, electronics for satellite equipment, technology for air-treatment systems, electronics for welding technology and so on.

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