PTH assembly

Selective soldering of THT components Pillarhouse Orissa 600

  • dual selective Drop Jet fluxing system
  • IR pre-heater of DPS (5 instant response bottom side IR Lamps
  • 2x soldering system Orissa 600 – system of selective mini wave soldering
  • soldering in a nitrogen atmosphere
  • bar-code identification system of PCBs
  • meets all requirements of Pb-free soldering
  • using BalverZinn SN100C solder alloy

Advantages of selective soldering:

  • Low production cost (automatic soldering device vs. manual soldering or wave soldering)
  • Low consumption of energy and flux (ecological thrifty device) 
  • Repeated high quality of soldered joint 
  • High reliability of soldered joints 
  • High production capacity 
  • Automated process

Wave soldering system SEHO 1135G

  • Soldering width 450 mm.
  • Delta and chip wave.
  • This system is suited to a variety of applications ranging from entry-level mass-soldering to soldering in small or medium-sized batches.
  • Meet all requirements of Pb-free soldering.

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