Functional & ICT testing

Göpel AdvancedLine X30 – Inline AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) with height measurement laser

  • Testing device for inspection of assembled PCBs after being soldered
  • Optical inspection of SMD and THT components with upper camera featuring telecentric optics and with angle-view module Chameleon with rotary engine and laser height measurement.
  • Barcode (incl. 2D) identification of production batch as well as single DPS.
  • Maximum size of inspected board is 670x460 mm, maximum weight 4 kg, maximum thickness 5 mm, upper clearance 50 mm.
  • The line includes rework station equipped with software for identification of defected PCBs (barcode incl. 2D).

The device can (beside others) detect these defects:

AOI tester Gopel
  • Component absence
  • Assembled wrong component at given position
  • Component shifting / slewing
  • Tombstone Shifted component (wrong polarity)
  • Short circuit Strange subject on PCB

  • Unknown object on PCB
  • Not soldered PIN of component
  • Lifted PIN of SMD component
  • Not well soldered PIN of THT component
  • Different height of particular corners of BGA packages

Tester Mirtec MV-2HTL – AOI (Automatical Optical Inspection)

  • Automatically inspects component placement and solder bridge after reflow
  • Tests parts presence, polarity, quality of soldered joints
  • Maximum PCB size 450x400 mm
  • Rework station is equiped with software for defect identification
Tester Mirtec

Tester Reinhardt KMFT 670– ICT (Inner Circuit Test)

  • Testing facility for completely assembled PCB
  • The tester checks passive components values, their tolerance, shortcuts and mainly PCB function
  • Testing on contact pin plate
ICT Tester Reinhardt

Function tests

Function tests and real operation simulation are best tools to guarantee maximum reliability. It is possible to use testing devices provided by a customer or we can design and make our own. We can benefit from long time experience. We routinely do communication tests, circuit switching, voltage range, HW and SW versions, reliability of flash memory records, various mechanical functions such as rotating elements, micro switchers and many others.


X-ray inspection system NORDSON XD7600NT Ruby

  • X-Plane CT - 3D Inspection
  • Sealed-Transmissive X-ray Tube
  • Proveable < 0.5 μm Feature Recognition
  • 160 kV Tube with Up to 10 W Tube Power
  • Nordson DAGE 2 Mpixel Digital Image Intensifier with Real Time Image
  • Geometric Magnification 1,800 x, System 7,800 x and Total 23,400 x with Digital Zoom
  • 29” x 22.8” (736 x 580 mm) Maximum Board Size
  • 70° Oblique Views without Loss of Magnification
  • Active X-ray Image Stabilisation

Analysis functionality

  • VOID detection analysis (dimension & presence)
  • Dimension analysis of soldered joints
  • Detection of not-soldered joints (open) & cracks
  • Measuring dimension &annotation function
  • Function of automatic process inspection
  • Automatic report generation incl. test result


Rentgenový inspekční systém NORDSON XD7600NT Ruby

Climatic chamber AngelAntoni Discovery 600

  • Temperature range: -40 to +180 ºC
  • Humidity range:  10% to 98%
  • Volume: 559 l
  • Internal dimensions: 850x740x890 mm
  • Software KeyKratos Plus can define or use prepared temperature and humidity curves

Temperature chamber WSK

  • Temperature range: -30 to + 60 ºC
  • Internal dimensions: 2000x1500x2750mm
  • Remote access via PLC to control temperature curve
Teplotní komora WSK

Devices for vibration tests

  • Vibration stool T5710
  • Range: 0 to 70 Hz

Schielded chamber for preparation of EMC tests

All electrical equipment is subject to electromagnetic compatibility tests. EMC measurements are done using a spectral analyser and special measuring antennae in a special shielded chamber. We conduct provisional electromagnetic radiation measurements and immediately check the influences of individual changes in PCBs on how the whole product behaves. This allows us to reduce the cost of product development and the costs associated with preparation for EMC tests.

Odstíněná komora pro EMC zoušky

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